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My husband and I are both believers! Jan 29, 2012 I heard about the wonders of this doctor's healing treatments for months as my husband dealt with an injury. But, I really didn't grasp the full idea until I had to go to heal my own injury. My husband knew where to take me directly without any researching around. He knew this doctor would heal me. After 2 weeks of 2x visits per week, Iknow that I am on the path of full recovery. THANK YOU!! - 8 months ago

Oasis in Charlotte County by Tami Cash Jan 18, 2012 The Kirschner Wellness Center is a place that you step into and truly forget where you came from before arriving. You will relax,and feel pampered. I felt like every employee in the building, from the front desk to the Dr, genuinely appreciates my business. Dr Kirschner in, my opinion cares about bringing the very best approaches and treatments, that he can, to the lives of his patients. I look forward to every visit and ALWAYS lea

Quality Care Jan 17, 2012 All of the Staff at Kirschner Chiropractic treat you as part of the family. Always a pleasure to visit them. - 8 months ago

Feeling Better Jan 12, 2012 Always a friendly staff and as usual, Dr. Dan identifies the problem and makes adjustments that leave me feeling much better. - 8 months ago

Neck still out...grateful for the treatment:) Dec 20, 2011 Awesome adjustment...neck and rib still out. I know it will be fine once the inflammation goes away and muscles relax. Merry Christmas to you all! - 9 months ago

Massage Dec 15, 2011 Great experience. Professional, courteous, knowledgeable and beneficial - 9 months ago

Excellent Dec 15, 2011 The experience as a whole is wonderful the moment you walk in the door. The smells of a day spa, the sound of a water fall, and a visually relaxing decor with a friendly staff greet you. The many options for physical wellness and mental wellbeing are available here and I am still discovering more with every visit. Dr. Dan Kirschner is compassionate, thorough, and my favorite quality.. he thinks out of the box and uses every tool available that might be helpful in your

Great Experience Dec 9, 2011 I so enjoyed my day at the Lake Suzy office....wonderful massage, appt w/ Dr. Dan, then a wonderful evening w/ Doc, Dr. Jamie & Dan, and Barbara....thanks to you all! - 9 months ago

The office Nov 15, 2011 The staff is very friendly, courteous and helpful. I have had a very positive experience with everyone and the doctor is very informative and his adjustments have helped my back problem tremendously. - 10 months ago

Gratitude Nov 5, 2011 I am so grateful for Dr. Kirschner. He is all about health and wellness and he goes the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of in the most professional and gentle way..... Thank you.. - 10 months ago

Fantastic theraputic deep tissue massage Oct 13, 2011 My massage therapist brittany was both professional and skilled. The massage was as good as Ive ever had anywhere. After a week of driving it was what the Dr. ordered. - 11 months ago

Grateful Oct 10, 2011 I so appreciate the last minute appointment I was able get this morning. I was in so much discomfort and the care Dr.Dan provided was wonderful. I am really grateful to find a center that offers so much over all healing. I can't wait to try more of what they have to offer....... Thank you. Nancy - 11 months ago

More then Excellent Oct 4, 2011 was able to get an appt that day at my convenience.....staf from begininning to end was amazing. Everything explained and felt extremely comfortable. Will definetely continue going there. - 11 months ago

Adjustment and 1/2 hour massage Oct 3, 2011 as always, doc k is very thorough, kind and compassionate. adjustment was excellent with follow up exam to make sure all my parts were "working properly". massage was the perfect topper to my already spa like experience. she concentrated on the area that was in pain and I feel rejuvenated. excellent care and service... and of course Debbie at the front desk is awesome! - 11 months ago

Wow Sep 27, 2011 awesome I loved the experience. - 1 years ago


Outstanding Sep 8, 2011 best chiropractor visit ever and I have been going Denver the 80s - 1 years ago

Outstanding Aug 30, 2011 I feel great after my visit to Dr. Kirschner. I'm seeing steady improvement and thrilled. - 1 years ago

Superior therapeutic massage! Aug 26, 2011 My massage was excellent! My only complaint is that I think it was cut short almost 10 minutes, assuming I paid for a 50 minute massage. - 1 years ago Comments from the business Thank you for your excellent feedback, Christina! Yes, our massage sessions are sold in increments of 30, 50, and 90 minutes.

Rejuvenated! Aug 25, 2011 Always a peaceful, calm, relaxing experience. Expert, friendly care. I look forward to a great chiropractic adjustment and a therapeutic massage. Like a day at the spa. Wonderful atmosphere! - 1 years ago

Massage and Treatment Aug 18, 2011 great, as always. timely and professional - 1 years ago

Massage Aug 18, 2011 I had a massage from Natalie. It was excellent! Thank you for having such a wonderful staff at Kirshner Chiropractic. - 1 years ago

Aug 15, 2011 dr dan will look into what treatment i need for the myasthenia gravis rather than just do something that will aggravate it..thanks dr dan.. - 1 years ago

Great massage Aug 10, 2011 Always get quality care and great personal service. - 1 years ago

Great Place! Aug 9, 2011 I appreciate the service I get from everyone in your office. You provide a welcoming atmosphere. Very calming. I have been to many chiropractors, and I think I have found the right one this time. Doctor Dan really listened to my issues. My Son is a chiropractor, so I know what good is. I hold the bar pretty high. So far I have been impressed with Kerschner Chiropractic. - 1 years ago

Outstanding Jul 30, 2011 I could not be happier with the treatment I received. Dr. Dan Kirschner did a complete evaluation of my condition and methodically resolved each issue. Thank you very much. - 1 years ago

Awesome! Jul 30, 2011 I feel so much better since I began my treatment with Adjustments & Massage! - 1 years ago

Kirschner Experience 7/27/2011 Jul 27, 2011 excellent experience, left appointment feeling comfortable and understanding my condition and treatment plan. - 1 years ago

Wellness for Me Jul 21, 2011 I had a great adjustment & a nice deep, muscle releasing massage yesterday! - 1 years ago

A wonderful experience Jul 18, 2011 from the minute you enter the building you can feel the relaxing atmosphere. dr dan is caring kind and compassionate. he explains everything he will do before he does it. the staff is friendly and courteous. i had my first massage today and what a joy that was. i have fibromyalgia and the treatment was wonderful. it was just like you see in the movies ! the soft music, candles, quiet surroundings. you get a big fluffy brown robe to put on while going from

Dr Dan is the best Jul 13, 2011 i was very impressed by the personal and professional treatment that i am given at every visit. Before each different part of the treatment, it is explained in detail. Dr Dan makes me feel like there is hope in recovery from my fibromyalgia. He is very gentle and caring. He may run a bit late, but when it comes time for me to be seen, he spends as much time as needed. i would recommend anyone to him for anything..what a wonderful dr.. - 1 years ago

Adjustment and Massage Jul 12, 2011 Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality and treatment. It was outstanding! - 1 years ago

Awesome Treatment Jul 12, 2011 Consistently good treatment from the minute you walk in the door. I've been a patient for years. - 1 years ago

"Dr. Dan's the man!!!!! Aug 2, 2011 I met Dr. Dan when he worked at the free clinic. I limped in, and walked out, pain minimized amazed! When my situation improved I visited him in Lake Suzy, again limping in because of uneven hips because of scoliosis and a "frozen" pelvis, to walk out without pain in knee hip or spine.

After I fell one day, went sailing the next, and woke up unable to walk without screaming, he again got me able to walk and work. My pain was so bad they could hear me at the back of the clinic! It was the Holidays and I am a hairdresser. I had to be able to do my clients for Christmas!

Dr. Dan understands how to help people that stand long hours over a project and is a compassionate professional whose skill is not matched by anyone in the County. I know, because I went to several that never helped me a bit and seemed to pad the bill.

Because he started me on a plan of exercise and healthy living I lost 30 pounds and my constant pain is minimal, oh, and at 65, I walk like a youngster. The only negative is that I hardly ever see Dr. Dan anymore, because I feel so much better.

If you go to this Dr. you will never be sorry.

- 1 years ago"

"Thank you for giving me my leg back!

Jul 12, 2011

Dr. Daniel Kirschner and his staff gave me my leg back. After a nasty fall, I suffered for months with my right leg just not working. The fall had made my pelvis crooked. I kept trying to run but my right leg just would not work right. As you can imagine, I was a mess. After months of suffering with another Chiropractor adjusting and readjusting my pelvis, I was getting nowhere. I needed to start healing. After months of pain I made the switch to Dr. Dan and I instantly began to get better after my initial visit. I felt really stupid for waiting so long. Dr. Dan saw beyond the obvious crooked pelvis and realized that it was also an issue with nerve bundles and my "electrical system". He and his staff got to work. He applied his considerable experience to my exact type of injury so that I could finally begin to heal and get stronger. They did some pretty weird stuff to me but it worked. I am so strong now that I am doing a Triathlon this weekend! Thank you for giving me my leg back.

- 1 years ago"

"My favorite place to feel better

Jul 11, 2011

I can't say enough good things about Kirschner Chiro and Wellness Center. From the minute you walk through the door, the friendly greetings, the wonderful atmosphere, the clean, soothing smells. It's very comforting. The staff is excellent. I went in almost a year ago, unable to lift my head off the pillow, always sore, in alot of pain. Dr. Kirschner and his staff have not only helped me heal after my initial injury, but as a whole total body experience I've become more healthy overall. Not just my neck and back feeling better, but losing weight, not feeling as stressed, being more in touch with my body and spirit as well, total wellness. And I love that they practice what they preach here.

- 1 years ago"

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