Shoulder Pain

How Kirschner Chiropractic & Wellness Centre Can Assist Port Charlotte Residents with Shoulder Pain 

Those who are experiencing shoulder pain will often rely on a chiropractor to assist. With the help of Kirschner Chiropractic & Wellness Centre in the Port Charlotte and Lake Suzy regions, patients are able to find the best solutions for their shoulder pain in a timely manner. 


It all starts with a comprehensive physical exam. From there, the patient's full medical history is explored. This allows the patient to receive a treatment program that is specifically tailored to their personal needs, as opposed to the one size fits all treatments that are so prevalent.

Isolating the Cause of Shoulder Pain with a Port Charlotte Chiropractor

In order to properly treat the shoulder pain, the patient's pain and injuries are examined closely. Whether the patient is experiencing musculoskeletal injuries that were sustained during sporting contests or personal workout routines or routine wear and tear, the cause of the shoulder pain is isolated so then it can be treated individually.

There is no shortage of chiropractic care services offered by Kirschner Chiropractic & Wellness Centre. The patient can receive traditional care if they so choose but there are a wide range of other options available. This alternative medicine is offered by our facility in Port Charlotte.

Alternative Therapy and Medicine

In many instances, a patient will need additional counseling when it comes to their daily lifestyle choices. For example, a patient may require nutritional counseling and/or lifestyle advice. Shoulder pain is not cured in one visit, it is cured by taking the time to make the necessary adjustments.

Shoulder pain may also be cured with the proper corrective exercises. The patient is provided with the regimen that will help to assist them with their mobility and they can continue to work on strengthening the area in between visits on their own. Finding the proper balance has never been easier, thanks to the assistance of our services. 

Advantages of Chiropractic Care

The overall improvements to the patient's body and state of wellbeing cannot possibly be overstated. The ripple effects of the shoulder pain are addressed, so that the patient is able to enjoy the peace of mind that they deserve. Any swelling and/or inflammation that is experienced is also handled during the treatment sessions.

Give Us a Call or Stop By As Soon As Possible

If you are experiencing shoulder pain in the Port Charlotte or Lake Suzy region and would like to receive assistance immediately, please contact Kirschner Chiropractic & Wellness Centre right away. Our team of trained professionals is on hand and ready to provide you with the help that you need. To get started with our helpful chiropractic services, take a moment to pick up the phone and give us a call. 


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