Here at Kirschner Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, physiotherapy is one of the many services that we offer to our patients. Physiotherapy, also commonly known as physical therapy, is a form of care that focuses on the improvement of a patient's physical function. If you are considering physiotherapy as a form of treatment, here is what you need to know about this approach:


What Physical Therapy Is Used for

Physiotherapy is particularly effective at addressing movement disorders. These medical disorders could be caused by genetics, a personal injury, a lifestyle change, or age-related deterioration. This form of therapy is able to treat physical impairment that resulted from a trauma, an injury, or a chronic illness.

A physiotherapy treatment plan can be used for the following:

  • Pain relief from conditions like arthritis 
  • Mobility improvement
  • Recovery from a sports injury
  • Recovery from an auto vehicle accident
  • Rehabilitation from a stroke, heart, or surgery
  • Management for a chronic illness such as diabetes or heart disease
  • Recovery from giving birth

If you are experiencing a physical impairment of some kind, speak with our certified chiropractor to find out whether or not physiotherapy would be a good treatment option for you. 

Methods of Physical Therapy

A physical therapist might utilize corrective exercise, mobilization, electrical agents, kinesiology, or physical agents as tools for treatment. The method of treatment will largely depend on the patient's condition as well as the doctor's area of expertise. For example, if the patient is dealing with a neurological disorder such as multiple sclerosis, then neurological physiotherapy is a branch that will focus on that specific area. If a patient is suffering from a personal injury caused by an auto accident, the chiropractor might assign the patient corrective exercises as part of the rehabilitative treatment. 

During a physical therapy session, you can expect the physiotherapist to perform an exam that will assess the symptoms, and to take a look at how well you are able to hold your balance, move around, walk, or climb. Once a diagnosis is reached, our chiropractor will come up with an appropriate care plan to addresses the patient's needs. 

Seeking Physical Therapy in Port Charlotte?

Kirschner Chiropractic & Wellness Centre is a healthcare clinic serving the areas of Port Charlotte and Lake Suzy. If you are interested in what our physical therapy program could do for you, contact Kirschner Chiropractic & Wellness Centre at 941-766-7110 for more information. We can schedule you an appointment with a qualified physical therapist right away.


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