Back Pain

Nonsurgical Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is something that many adults will deal with at some point in their lives. It can be caused by a sudden event, such as a car accident or a fall, or it can come on gradually with age and become chronic. Chronic back pain is any pain that lasts three months or longer, and many may fall into the belief that that pain is their new normal. Well, the good news is that it doesn't have to be.


Every day our chiropractic team at Kirschner Chiropractic & Wellness Centre treats back pain suffers, getting them back to their old normal, a normal without pain. If you live in Port Charlotte, Lake Suzy, or the surrounding communities, you should consider choosing us to find back pain relief. While some of our patients do require some surgical treatments, the vast majority have enjoyed back pain relief with nonsurgical and noninvasive back pain treatment.

Nonsurgical Back Pain Treatment Options

Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is an incredibly important component of any treatment plan that deals with back and muscle pain. Sometimes, all a patient needs to reduce their back pain is following small but targeted corrective exercises. Our team at Kirschner Chiropractic and Wellness Centre includes therapeutic professionals who will work with you to find the right exercises and physical therapy movements to get you back to your normal mobility without pain.

Diet: There is truth in the saying, “you are what you eat”. Some foods and full diets are naturally inflammatory to your body. For example, if you eat a lot of foods that contain refined sugars and trans fats, then you may be exacerbating your back pain. In any treatment plan that our team offers, we will ask about your diet and recommend some better options that will help put you back on a healthier track.

Spinal Manipulation & Alignment: This is one of the most popular services we offer at our chiropractic office and is such because of its high effectiveness. Through spinal manipulation and alignment, our doctor can reduce the pressure on the central nervous system that commonly causes lower back pain and exacerbates headaches and migraines. These types of techniques can also help stimulate the body's self-healing capabilities and get you on the road to recovery.

Electrical Nerve Stimulation: Where we can't use more traditional chiropractic manipulation and alignment techniques, we may be able to use advanced electrical nerve stimulation. This accesses deeper tissues to achieve those same aforementioned results.

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In addition to these services, we also offer techniques like acupuncture and massage services. If you live in Charlotte, Lake Suzy, or the surrounding area, call Kirschner Chiropractic & Wellness Centre Port today at 941-766-7110 to schedule a consultation.


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